Who We Are


  • KC Public Relations and Consulting (Pty) Ltd. are a highly motivated and results oriented company.
  • We are Dedicated to offering a high quality of service in Public Relations, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility solutions.
  • Our Primary Objective is to achieve results that can impact positively towards your company’s bottom line.
  • The KC Public Relations and consulting team has over 15 years’ experience in diverse Public Relations, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility areas. Helping your business soar to new heights.
Kathleen Roeshdah Smith

Kathleen Roeshdah Smith

Manager and Owner

Our Mission

  • We are committed to providing public relations and communication solutions that are strategically aimed at achieving a positive impact aligned to your company values and objectives.
  • We strive to ensure that all your communication and public relations processes are as “light as a feather” through creative thinking and by using cost effective and innovative measures.



  • We are a company who strives to offer a high quality service that is cost effective and creatively aligned to your core business.
  • We are committed to ensuring a positive return on investments and partnerships for clients.
  • We partner with a select group of service providers, aligned to give you high quality and cost effective business solutions.
  • We believe in the establishment of mutually beneficial working relationships, based on trust, accountability, customer service and a professional work ethic.

We are proud to announce our BEE Status certificate, rated at a level 3:  BEE Status certificate